Заполни пропуски английский 4 класс таблица

Many people like to travel. We can travel by plane, by train, by ship, by bus or by car. If you miss a bus, you have to take a taxi. Some people prefer to walk or to ride a bike. If you want to travel by train, you have to go to the ticket office at the the railway station and buy tickets. This is how you can do it: - I would like a ticket to Novgorod, please. How much is the ticket? I like to fly buy plane. It is very fast and comfortable, however, plane tickets are really expensive. Anyway, I enjoy flying in the blue sky, заполни пропуски английский 4 класс таблица the plains and the seas. I have flown by plane …… times. I have been to ……. Упражнения, чтобы выучить неправильные глаголы Here are the exercises which can help you learn irregular verbs. You are welcome to work with the exercises. London is the capital of Britain, one of the most important and beautiful cities in the world. More than 7 million people live there. London is a very old city. The Romans came to England in the 1 st century and built the town on the River Thames and a bridge over the river. The name of the town was Londinium. After the year 400 the Romans left Britain. For many years London Bridge was the only bridge заполни пропуски английский 4 класс таблица London. It looked very strange: there were many shops and заполни пропуски английский 4 класс таблица on the bridge. In 1066 William the Conqueror and his people came to England from France. William the Conqueror became the King of England. He was afraid of the people of London and built the White Tower to live in заполни пропуски английский 4 класс таблица. By 1830, there were more than one and a half million people in London. The railways came and London became richer and richer. Now I will tell you about the places to заполни пропуски английский 4 класс таблица in London. The Tower of London. Now it is a museum. The Houses of Parliament is a long building with towers. Big Ben is one of the towers with a big clock. Westminster Abbey is the most famous church in London. Many English kings and queens are buried there. Buckingham is the заполни пропуски английский 4 класс таблица where the queen lives. I think that London is a very interesting city to visit. My Home My name is …. First, I will tell you about English homes, then — about my home. Many English families live in flats, but a lot of people have got their own houses. There are two floors in the traditional English house: the ground floor and the first floor. The bedrooms and a bathroom or bathrooms are upstairs on the first floor. The sitting room, the dining room and the study are downstairs on the ground floor. The kitchen and the hall are downstairs on the ground floor, too. The sitting room is usually the largest room in the house. English people often spend evenings in armchairs near the fireplace. They read books, watch TV, listen to music or sit around and talk. Now I would like to tell you about my home. I live in Russia, in Saint Petersburg, which is a big city. We live in a flat. We also have a kitchen, a hall, a bathroom and a toilet. My room is small, but comfortable. And, where do you live? How many rooms are there in your flat? Is there a park near your house? Can you tell me, please? Придется повторять слова по словарю. Primary Schools in England My name is. I want to tell you about primary schools in England. In Great Britain school begins at the age of four or five. Many boys and girls usually leave school at the age of sixteen. Primary school has two levels: infant schools and junior schools. Infant schools or infant classes begin at the age of four or five. Children spend there three years till they are seven. Their classes are not always formal. They заполни пропуски английский 4 класс таблица sit on the carpet and listen to their teacher. They sing songs, draw pictures and play games. Infant pupils begin to learn how to read, count and write. They learn how to get on with other children, too. Junior schools begin at the age of seven. Children spend there four years till they are eleven. Junior schools are real schools. The school subjects are Заполни пропуски английский 4 класс таблица, Maths, History, Nature study, Swimming, Music, and Art. In England the school year begins in September, but not always on the first day of the month. Children have classes five days a week. They do not study on Saturday and Sunday. Classes usually begin at nine and finish at about four o'clock. Schools in England have names, not numbers. In most schools pupils wear uniform. Children love their school. После прохождения интернет-теста выдается сертификат об участии Первый заполни пропуски английский 4 класс таблица - с 28 сентября по 15 ноября 2015 г. Участники, набравшие максимальное количество баллов, проходят в полуфинал. Полуфинал - с 19 ноября по 29 ноября 2015 г. По итогам полуфинала в каждой возрастной группе будут отобраны 10 человек для участия в финале Олимпиады. Финал - с 10 декабря по 16 декабря 2015 г.

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  • But leadership carries more power in the House than in the Senate because of the House rules.